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Weighlog 100


Loading correctly first time maximises productivity, reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine and tyre wear.

The RDS Weighlog 100 is a user-friendly on-board weighing system that is suitable for a variety of applications. The Weighlog 100 takes the reading while lifting, works out and displays the nett weight and adds it to the memory total, commonly used for tractor installation.


Product Name: Weighlog 100
Product Type: Weighing system
Brand: RDS Stysems
Perfect For: Non-cabbed 


  • Multiple channels enable accurate load accumulation of various products for different applications and batch weighing
  • Multiple channels allow accurate calibration for machines that change attachments regularly
  • Ensures correct loading of vehicles or product
  • Check-weigh incoming goods, aiding stock management
  • A remote push button is installed to accept and enter the indicated weight
  • Accurately load outgoing goods
  • Assists batch blending

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